Lake Washington Schools Foundation


Lake Washington Schools Foundation raises funds to support academic excellence and success for all students in the Lake Washington School District

Lake Washington Schools Foundation


The Foundation differs from school PTSAs that support individual schools; the efforts of the Foundation are district-wide and seek to address some of the programs that have been diminished or eliminated by lack of funds. The Foundation is pleased to partner with PTSAs in a shared vision of supporting education. The Lake Washington Schools Foundation was established to help our community directly and efficiently invest in classroom learning.

  • Research shows that support from a schools foundation raises test scores and increases individual student potential and performance.
  • Schools foundations provide the enrichment opportunities that local levies cannot fund.
  • Most of our neighboring school districts have a schools foundation that each raise between $100,000 and $2 M per year for supplemental educational opportunities.

A Child's Future Starts Today!

Parents, students and community have an active role in helping to build the foundation of our students for their future.

Please visit the LWSF Web site to learn how our donors' gifts of time, money and in-kind services are directly and efficiently impacting classroom learning and supporting the Lake Washington School District in preparing students to graduate and lead rewarding, responsible lives as contributing members of our community and greater society.

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