Testing and grades measure a student's progress. State, district, teacher look at how a student is doing in different ways.

Report Cards for Students

  • The elementary report card communicates student learning. The district’s system makes sure that report cards are consistent within the district. A key feature of the report card is that students are graded separately on life skills like effort and cooperation from what they learn in academic subjects like math and writing.

Standardized Tests

  • In Lake Washington School District, information about student learning and the performance of the school district is gathered from a variety of sources, including district and state assessments, and from the classroom teacher. Each piece provides a “snapshot” of how well a child is doing.

SBA - Smarter Balanced Assessment

  • Every spring, the state tests all students in grades 3-8 and 10 to make sure their learning is on track. The results from this testing are important to us all.

School Report Card

  • Office of the State Public Instructional report on Thoreau Elementary. Washington State Report Card.