Staff Directory

Administration / Office Staff

Principal: Keri Levinson Email Mrs. Levinson
Associate Principal: Julie Guest Email Mrs. Guest
Office Manager: Jordan Gale EMAIL MS. GALE
Secretary: Sally Freni Email Mrs. Freni

Classroom Teachers



Library Media Specialist: Ann Fitzmaurice Email Mrs. Fitzmaurice
Music: John Visel Email Mr. Visel
Physical Education: Kelsey Korby Email Mrs. Korby
Pull-Out Quest:  Yon Ho EMAIL MS. HO


Counselor: Madison Powers Email Ms. Powers
Special Education: Patti Rosenberger Email Mrs. Rosenberger
Special Education: Bethany Anderson Email Mrs. Anderson
Safety Net:
Kat Bechtel-Hall Email Mrs. Bechtel-Hall
Safety Net: Kelli Perry Email Ms. Perry
Speech/Language: Sydney Johnson Email Ms. Johnson
Speech/Language: Clint Dye Email Mr. dye 
English Language Learners (ELL): Cheryl Crandall Email Mrs. Crandall
Psychologist: LeaAnne Meschke Email Mrs. Meschke
Occupational Therapist:
Lauren McMullan Email Ms. McMullan 
Physical Therapist Janelle Pinski  Email Mrs. Pinski

Classified Staff

Para-Educators & Instructional Assistants

Instructional Assistant: Shelley Carlson Email Mrs. Carlson
Instructional Assistant: Sheryl Clark Email Mrs. Clark
Instructional Assistant: Ann Marie Mangum Email Mrs. Mangum
Instructional Assistant: Kris Webber Email Mrs. Webber
Instructional Assistant: Josee Lemay Email Mrs. Lemay
Instructional Assistant: Christina Chaney Email Mrs. Chaney
Instructional Assistant: Kyle Farber  EMAIL MR. FARBER
Para-Educator: Elke Nesmith Email Mrs. Nesmith
Para-Educator: Leanne Rothrock Email Mrs. Rothrock
Para-Educator: Katie Engebretson Email Mrs.engebretson 
Para-Educator: Melanie Smith-Bates Email Mrs. Smith-bates
Para-Educator: Ellyn Shull Email to Mrs. Shull
Para-Educator: Isabella Riddle Email to Ms. riddle 

Health Room

Nurse: Jessica Gordon Email Mrs. Gordon
Nancy Holden Email Mrs. Holden

Extended Day

Tora Roksvog Email Miss Tora


Bob Smith Email Mr. Smith